Deliveries of automotive equipment and rolled metal products


Technopolis Trading DMCC aims to organize in African countries the wholesale trade of materials that are used mainly in construction and industrial sectors, including mining industry.

The main competitive advantage of the company is working directly with manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Due to this it becomes possible to provide a competitive price and uninterrupted supply of material in any volume.


Auto Spare Parts and Components

We supply companies with parts and assemblies for handling equipment for front loaders, as well as parts for quarry and road-building vehicles.

We are specialised towards spare parts for excavators, bulldozers, tractors, graders, and other earth moving machines.

Tires and Rims

We deliver tires for special vehicles that are always under a lot of pressure. Mainly, we handle mostly studded and studless tires, as well as pneumatic ones and tires with thinned heads. 

It’s crucial to understand how the loader will be used to select suitable tire tread pattern. Based on that, we should discuss:

– forklift truck tires
– backhoe loader tires
– front loader tires 
– mini loader tires

Trains Spare Parts and Components

Railway equipment is needed for freight and passenger transportation and for the maintenance of the supporting infrastructure.

We provide spare parts for diesel and electric locomotives, ballast spreaders, track welding machines engine platforms, and much more. 


Pipes and Fittings

Pipes are made with different cross-sectional shapes, different lengths and widths of the cross-section.

Mostly we provide companies with large diameter pipes, welded pipes, seamless pipes, stainless steel pipes, flanges, valves, gate valves, accessories, and other valves for pipelines including high pressure pipelines.

In addition, we offer comprehensive solutions for metalwork projects, offering a wide range of metal gratings, steel beams and structural corners.

Pumps, Engines, Valves and Spare Parts

There are many things to consider when choosing pumps – high efficiency, low cost, reliability, ease of installation and maintenance, small weight, and dimensions.

Industrial pumping equipment is used for:

– water supply & drainage
– water recycling systems
– mine drainage
– irrigation

Competitive price and uninterrupted supply of material in any volume

The main competitive advantage of the company is working directly with manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

The main sales channels will be tender platforms in the regions, face-to-face negotiations and meetings with prospective buyers.

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